Session Information

I always shoot on-location and use natural light. Depending on your theme, style, and occasion, there is an array of beautiful locations to choose from in Orange County. I do try and get the traditional shots, but mostly I prefer your family just relaxing and everyone being themselves. Being you helps me capture the beauty of the moment and some of the silliness too.

Anywhere but Where? –

Like I mentioned, I am an on location photographer. So “WHERE” is up to you. I’d love to offer some suggestions if you don’t already have a location in mind, from beautiful parks, to gorgeous beach coves, open fields to a local forest, or even a more urban environment with colorful walls.

What to Expect –

The amount of time we’ll spend at your photo shoot will vary based on the session you choose. I don’t like to rush my clients. Don’t worry; I won’t have a stopwatch on hand. Please bring snacks and water, or a clear juice and toys for the children. We can take breaks as needed and just play to keep everyone happy! Please try to have a light snack 30 minutes before a session.

Tips and Tricks

Color combinations: A good rule to follow is for parents to wear neutrals, and kids to wear brighter colors. I love when you pick a great outfit and then you choose complimentary colors for everyone else. Try to avoid everyone wearing the exact same color. Also, try not to wear reflective clothing. Sparkly clothing with sequins or beading reflects the light and tends not to photograph well.

Wear something comfortable; if you’re not comfortable it shows and you’ll look uncomfortable in your pictures.

Ladies especially, no chipped nails. It’s better to have a clear coat than chipped color. Bring anything you need to touch up your makeup, especially a compact! If wearing heels, bring some flip-flops. Sometimes we move locations and throwing on a pair of flip-flops is easier to walk around in.

Have FUN and RELAX! This is a fun time to be with your family. Talk about fond memories and special trips or events. Use this as a time to bond. Trust me, it will show in your pictures.