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“All our dreams can come true, If we have the courage to pursue them”~ Walt Disney \


There are some things you just can’t wait to be a part of. A  surprise proposal is one of them. A surprise proposal at Disneyland is a double cherry on top of a very fun cake! So when Sammi called me from Canada to tell me her sisters boyfriend was planning to propose while they were at Disneyland I jumped at the chance.  The plan was Sumeet ( boyfriend) and Rubina (sister) planned on coming to California from Canada, stopping at Disneyland. With a very original plan of a caricature drawing to propose. Well once all the details were made, Sumeet took over.  A very nervous fiancee who loving worried about the ring through customs. If security at Disneyland would ruin the surprise. So after many calls and text, the plan was in place.

The location of the caricature is by Pirates of the Caribbean, a small little patio.  My fellow photographer friend, who offered to video, tried to be as discreet as possible.   Not an easy task. When we saw Sumeet everyone involved from the sketch artist, manager, couple next to them couldn’t help be excited.  From afar we took pictures and video till the artist gave us a wink, it was time. On bended knee, to Rubina’s utter shock Sumeet pulled off the perfect surprise.  It was beautiful, the crowd cheered and everyone cried.

We then were able to reveal our secret, we were there for this moment. Sumeet had planned it all so that Rubina would have pictures to look back on and share with her family.  Shaking and smiling and eyes full of tears you could see the shock had fully set in. After a few moments, we began out brief engagement session.  Rubina admittingly couldn’t stop shaking but more importantly, she couldn’t stop smiling. Sumeet was equally as happy with an extra dose of relieved that it was finally in the books and he could just enjoy the time.


So enjoy a few pictures of Sumeet and Rubina’s super secret engagement.


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