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“You make loving you easy
You make loving you all I wanna do
Every little smile, every single touch
Reminds me just how much it all makes
Loving you easy”- Zac Brown

When you live in California you can pretty much count on the gorgeous weather.  So when the downpour of rain didn’t let up for months it left me and this bride to be a little stuck. Ashely was the most laid back bride I have met.  Her and Robby didn’t care about the surroundings, they were just so excited to be taking engagement pictures. Don’t get me wrong. They wanted pictures that would look beautiful but weren’t stuck with a vision of one place. So when rain rapidly seemed to become an issue we quickly had to go from plan A to plan “outside the box”. So when I suggested a different location, The Anaheim Packing District,  Ashely’s answer was “sure why not”.

 The Anaheim Packing District was perfect for them. Colorful, bright and airy with a relaxed feeling. The wonderful people of the building allowed us to come in before the building opened. When stores were starting to their bake bread or brew their coffee.  So the building smelled amazing.  Having the entire building to ourselves led to some fun moments. From us moving tables and benches they never turned down an idea.

The laughter in these pictures are genuine, most are candid moments.  These college sweethearts at the time discussing a house they really wanted to buy. They would stop and imagine the house and in a quick moment, Robby would whisper something and Ashely would be laughing. That would be the thing they would tell me later what they love the most about each other. The easy way they make each other laugh. I can’t wait for their wedding in September at Alta Vista!

So introducing Robby and Ashley.


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