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“She is clothed in STRENGHT and DIGNITY” Proverbs 31:25

I met Alysa through her uncle who’s family pictures I did last year. Her Uncle Kurt and her Aunt Ann wanted to give her and her brother (his pictures will be featured next week) a special gift. They wanted a unique gift, something that would last a lifetime, capturing this incredible time in both of their lives. Alysa was graduating from Biola University on her way to becoming a teacher.

Alysa isn’t your typical college graduate or even young lady. This woman SHINES, not just her outside beauty, she is beautiful but what’s inside is brighter than the sun. Not only in school but out of school. Between traveling to Mexico to help build houses, or Nicaragua on a mission trip with her church, her time is about giving to others. This summer she will be traveling to Africa to train teachers, doing professional development.  Alysa has a heart and soul filled with love and serving others. You smile in her presence. She makes you want to be a better person, give back.  She makes you want to pack a bag and travel, see the all the beauty that God has created.  She’s laughter and fun. The time I’ve spent with her I laughed at her silliness and breathed in her free spirit.

Thankfully this beautiful and amazing woman studied to be a teacher.  I can only pray my children have someone as amazing as her.  Watching her love her younger brother, and joke with her mother, her connection with people is more the type of compassion and heart that our future will strengthen from.

Alysa is going to move mountains and change the world. So proud to have captured just a moment in this extraordinary young woman’s life.  World Meet Alysa and watch the difference she will make!

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