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“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”  -C.S Lewis

Sometimes I see so many high schoolers sacrifice fun for homework. Sometimes it’s sports and the dedication and hard work to become a better athlete. Jared did those things and more. Jared worked so that he could attend a very prestigious high school in Boston. Becoming a star hockey player with stellar grades, he was accepted into NYU Stern School of Business, a renowned business school. But that’s what makes Jared a good student. The reason he is a gentleman goes so much deeper.

The outside view of Jared what the world sees is an amazing student and athlete. What you don’t see, what made him this incredible gentleman, was the beautiful women and his amazing mother. It’s where he learned compassion and generosity. Where he learned to give when you have been given so much. She taught him to be bigger than your bubble to share and be kind.   This young man, who when he comes home from school, helps his mother at the foundation she created that helps others less fortunate.  Jared donates so much of his time at Connecting Hands of Orange County . He will be dressed as Santa at Christmas, or up all night helping wrapped donated toys.  His vacations are spent helping to collect and dropping off food for families.  He does it with a smile, an open heart, and generous spirit.

The day of our session Jared shined, full of laughter and silliness. We had so much fun in downtown Orange from the time we started, till the time we ended.  Hearing Jared’s goals and accomplishments only showed that he will be making a difference, not only on a professional level but to everyone he meets.

World Meet Jared Day a true gentleman.


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