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“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos” L.R Knot

I would like to introduce a very special family, the Emmons family.

What makes them special, besides the love they obviously shine in these photos, and the silly glimmer you can see in the boys’ eyes, is what you don’t see in these pictures. This beautiful family is a foster family. They have opened their home and hearts to two beautiful boys.

I’ve known Brian and Linda for over 10 years. I knew them before they were a couple, as they dated, and watched as they fell in love. As time has passed I lost touch. But thankfully, like a lot of us, Facebook brought the circle of friends back in contact, and Linda reached out for her family photos this year. One thing she “warned” me would be that they wouldn’t know if they would be able to have their foster children with them until the very last minute.

Linda has shined a light, not only to me , but everyone she knows, about the foster system. The heartache, the love, the feeling of being alone in a system that isn’t always fair. The anger for wanting, but being unable, to keep what has become a family, together.

I am in awe of this family. I am in awe of Linda and Brian. For finding this calling, to love beyond bloodlines. To love, knowing there is always the chance of loss.

I am honored to know them and to capture their smiles and love.

Their two foster boys couldn’t be there that day, but the love they have for them was still felt, in Linda’s smile when she speaks of them. In the boys’ laughter when they talk about them. In Brian’s eyes, that fill with pride for his family.

So to quote Linda, “Even if you aren’t considering becoming a foster parent, please find a way to support foster care: vote, donate, educate, and pray. Every foster child needs every single one of us on their side.”


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