About Me

Where it started

When I was 11, my father worked at a high-quality printing company as a color image assembler. He would take film and strip each print layer-by-layer, working on the single image with such precision and detail. I can still remember the unique smell of ink, paper, and processing fluids. I learned how film was taken out of a canister and slowly developed. How a simple black strip of plastic, turned into something beautiful that told a story. It was at that age that my Uncle Charlie gave me my first camera, a Minolta Maxxum 7000, and my passion for photography began. At family functions you could always find me with a camera, capturing every moment of our gatherings. Looking back through the shots I’d snapped allowed me to relive those special times. I found myself more and more eager as I grew up, to make photography a part of my life.

When I don’t have a camera (well, for work)

I am a mommy to two beautiful little boys who honestly are what I love to photograph the most. I have known my soul mate for more than 14 years and we have been married for almost 5.  We reside in Anaheim Hills, CA and I am very involved in my community.   Family for me will always be first.  I love to read; even though it takes me 4 times longer to finish a book. Coffee is a must in the morning. I am a self–crowned karaoke car champion, and have an uncanny ability to remember the most random music from the 80’s and 90’s.

So why pick me?

Photography is what I love; it’s a deep-rooted passion. From seeing a couple in love during engagement photos, to exchanging their vows at their wedding, then as a complete family, memorializing every chapter along the way.  Being part of a moment that will tell a story forever is indescribable to me.

For lifestyle photography, I want to photograph you keeping it real, interacting with you and your loved ones and embracing life as it is in all of its loveliness and beautiful imperfection.

As for my wedding and engagement photography, I prefer more of a photo-journalistic style to tell a story with my images.  We will get all the traditional poses that you want in your album, but the majority will be the fun, candid and loving shots that you can never recreate.  I believe the photographer must connect with the couple in order to bring out the emotion and excitement of the event. Just as every person is unique, so is every engagement session and wedding.  Weddings have so much natural emotion and excitement; there is no need to create anything new,  just to capture it all.

This is who I am, someone who loves creating and capturing beautiful portraits, some with a little extra imagination. I capture everything from the dynamic moments to the small details so that you will be able to relive your special day with each inspired memory.