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“Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

Their Story-
It was all because of a random game of Bingo.
A ball rolled down the chute, and a number called, “Bingo” was heard. Thousands of miles away, Meredith and Chris were oblivious to the fact this ball, this one game, would set off a chain of events that would change their lives forever.
Chris’s childhood friend and roommate Eli would be going on a cruise his cousin had won in a bingo game. This trip would change everyone’s lives.
Several weeks later Eli returned from the trip having met someone, Michelle, a beautiful young lady from Texas.
A long distance relationship eventually led to Michelle’s relocation to Southern California, and her relocation prompted sporadic visits by her jet-setting sister, Meredith.
For as what could be described as a mutual crush, they carried on with their lives with each other in their peripheral.
Five Years later, as friends and family from across the world gathered to celebrate the marriage of Eli and Michelle-Meredith and Chris’s paths inevitably converged. Meredith stood as her sister’s maid of honor and as Chris officiated the wedding of his childhood friend.
So what began as a simple game of bingo, evolved into an extraordinary romance, and the rest, as they say, is history. Call it destiny. Call it fate. But they couldn’t be more grateful they found each other.
The Big Day
There are just days and moments that remind you of what love is all about. It’s the mushy, squishy, makes you smile a silly grin.
This wedding was full of these moments
Chris through the whole process has been an emotional soul. During most of the journey leading to the wedding, Chris was mostly quiet and a shadow, letting Meredith lead the way. When he is with Meredith a bright smile emerges, the dapper exterior melts and the thoughtful, artistic, painter guy comes to the surface. When he looks at her, you know every heart that sees them has melted.
Meredith has a silly personality with a laugh that is contagious. Watching her get ready was filled with goofy faces and bursts of laughter. Surrounded by her closest family and friends you could see every bit of the silliness shine. It made you smile; it made you feel the love.

I always try to pick a moment, a “favorite highlight.” Sometimes it’s the vows, the first dance or a secret moment stolen when no one is looking. But for the Braggs true to form it was from the first look.
I set Chris up so he couldn’t see Meredith behind him. He knew she was coming; he could hear the commotion. The tears in his eyes started to flow over. It was the “moment, ” and from then on, nothing would be the same. The emotion was thick and palatable. Meredith with a mischievous grin was unaware that Chris was crying and was so excited for him to finally see her, to finally start the day.
He turned, and I can honestly say everyone that was looking stopped what they were doing. The air was still. There wasn’t a dry eye when they hugged. Strangers that were off in the distance wiped tears away.
Chris and Meredith’s wedding was one of sophistication and elegance. Wrapped up with a bunch of mushy and squishy love.



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