Wedding, Senior, &
Family Photography


“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within” -Maya Angelou


This young lady graduated today a senior at  Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills Ca When talking to her mom there has been so much anticipation about this day. Mom is watching her oldest graduate, from a little girl with pigtails to this beautiful young woman ready for the world.

During the shoot, this young lady was often reserved, almost hesitant in front of the camera.  But as we continued her smile was brighter her laughter deeper.

When it came time for cap and gown pictures her mom couldn’t help but tear up  “Nothing prepared me for this”  her mom shared. It reminded me how special these pictures are.  It is not only special for my Seniors to have these memories but for their parents. By having parents apart of the process from outfits to hair and makeup. The time we spend during our shoots is part of the letting go process for most of the parents. Seeing their little ones not so little, figuratively and literally preparing for the next step, the next stage

World I hope you’re ready for this young lady, her beauty, intelligence, and firecracker personality is going to blow you away. World meet Kendra






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