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“I have found the one whom my soul loves”    – Song of Solomon 3:4

There was something special and different about Anthony and Courtney when we first met, something simple and lovely. The feeling you get when you have been in a room that’s too warm, and you open a window and fresh cool air flutters across your face. The more I talked with them, the more I realized it was more than just the love they had for each other that surrounded you with the feeling. It was the depth of their faith in God.
When we started, we had thought it would be a short shoot. One location the Orange Circle and no outfit changes just her beautiful tulle skirt and those killer red heels. But it turned into a small adventure adding the train station, and more of the Orange Circle than planned. We walked and talked, they told me their love story. How they met. How he proposed at their church, Courtney interjecting jokes or slightly teasing.  I loved listening to them banter and laugh.  The way they held hands or how Anthony would lead the way for Courtney. The light kiss on the forehead, then the eruption of laughter. While I changed lenses, they would stop and play patty cake, or lean in and whisper to each other. Mostly they knew how to be still with each other, quiet and close. They would hold each other when they thought I wasn’t looking and there would be a calmness that enveloped them.  When I finally looked did look down at my watch, I realized time had run over. The walk back to our cars, I thought to myself how grateful I was to have met this couple. To remind me that God has a plan for us all, and I was lucky to have been a part of their plan.

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