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” I put my  money where my house is. I shop local”

When we bought our house I really wanted a few pieces to add to the  rustic look throughout the house. So I headed to my local mall. I looked around and nothing felt personal, authentic or warm. So I left empty handed and more than a little bummed. I, like many of you, belong to many small, local Facebook marketplaces.  Scrolling through pages I found this amazing post from a local shop, Woodly Signs. I couldn’t have been more excited. There was the amazing work I had wanted. I placed my order and fell in love with every sign. I then started ordering pieces for clients , either for their sessions or as thank you gifts.  As the holidays approach let’s just say there are quite a few under the tree this year.

But the best thing about Woodly Signs? The owner and designer of all the signs, Kristin is an amazing woman, mother,  entrepreneur and friend.  Raising two beautiful and very active little boys, and a business is roll up your sleeves hard work.  She does it with grace and style. I have many a late night text session with Kristin, both of us trying to work once our family is in bed, the dishes are done and the house is quiet. I know we both couldn’t do it without our amazing husbands, a little wine, and friends to talk to too.

The day of their shoot was a crazy day for both of us and we both pulled up to the park with a slight frenzy. But in less than two minutes both boys had us laughing. Those boys just light up a room with their infectious smiles and laughter. The part that was the easiest to capture was how they love their mom and dad. This family laughs and giggles. Everything about this shoot came naturally. I just couldn’t get enough of how similar they are to my boys. Oldest, a little serious and protective, and littlest giggling and silly. So take a peak and if these boys don’t make you smile right back, well then you need to look again.


So do yourself a favor go over to and take a look at Kristin’s beautiful work. Shop local Saturday and as often as you can. You’re supporting a family like the Adams family .



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