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“Because  I could watch you for a single minute and find a thousand things that I love about you.”


Everything about this amazing session was fated. These pictures were supposed to be in a flower garden.  For several months we talked about a garden blooming with flowers. Then Jackie was inspired to wear a traditional Korean hanbok.  Jackie found an extraordinary dress at  Leehwa Wedding dresses in Los Angeles, CA . Suddenly our color palette changed,  now more than ever she was going to be my center of the focus. We decided on Oak Canyon, with browns and greens and lush dense trees. When Jackie showed up I was completely floored by how stunning she looked. The hanbok truly made her look like royalty. The dress’s regal colors and beautiful stitching moved with slight whispers of fabric, matching Jackie’s gentle mannerism.

It’s fitting actually. It sounds so corny, I know. But these two draw you into their love when you’re next to them. But, yup it’s totally true. They look at each other with so much love, support, and kindness. Abner looks at Jackie like someone who’s back from a long journey and has found his home in her.  In turn, the way Jackie is drawn to Abner, a touch of an arm while talking, a subtle smile when she hears his voice. There is something so elegant about them as a couple. They draw you into their love story.

So without further delay meet Abner and Jackie.

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