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“As for Me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15

I would like you all to meet the Abel family. About 6 months ago I wanted to redo my website. So, of course, I asked friends and colleagues “who is the best-priced, easiest-to-work-with, most-talented web-designer?”    In minutes I was referred to Kurt Abel. This recommendation did not just come from one single person, but by several people from different areas of my life. I was told not only is he great to work with but he is a genuine person. He is known to be a kind, thoughtful and a caring person. After our first meeting, I could tell everyone was right. Kurt was authentic, a person who really made me feel like he cared about what I wanted for my company. But what was just as evident was that he loved his family. He would light up like a Christmas tree when he spoke about his two boys and an unquestionable glow of love when talking about his wife, Ann. I knew after this meeting I really wanted to work with Kurt.

For those that haven’t had to design a website, It. Is. Complicated. How you want people to see you and your work is difficult and very personal. After talking to Kurt I knew I was in good hands. Little by little Kurt shared about himself while learning about me. Now we live in a time where expressing your faith is extremely difficult. With Kurt, I found he was a man of God, a man of true faith. It was refreshing to hear someone speak of their faith in a non-pushy, non-judgmental way. A true testament to his character. My dad, who raised us in the church and whose faith was always a guidance to me would say “Walking the walk not just talking the talk”.

Kurt wanted to do family pictures, a gift to his wife Ann. What a fun, beautiful family in front of my camera. Natural and full of love. There was so much emotion behind their session, I could feel love and joy. Ann wanted natural just “hanging out”. Even though we did get some posed shots, most were just “them being them”. Ann just cuddled and unabashedly loved her children. There was no pretense of perfection, just a love that shined from within that had grown from their faith.

So without further ado, Please meet the Abel family.

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