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“and then he gave her the ocean; because she didn’t want the moon”

When I met Andre and Esther, there was a gentle manner that drew me in. They are both athletic and tall, strikingly beautiful, in totally contrasting ways. At our first meeting about their wedding day, they would almost finish the other’s thought. Not in a ‘cut each other off’ way, but in a gentle way, one would stop, the other would continue. A beach wedding was the plan and a beach engagement session, for their love of the ocean was a common bond, so Laguna Beach was where we decided upon.

Day of our engagement session was a crazy day for me filled with family events in the morning and a crazy day for them prepping for pictures. Yet our drive to the beach was full of laughter and stories about their family, Andre’s college football playing for the University of Colorado and how they fell in love. The entire drive, both kept stating “please make sure you direct, we haven’t done this before.”

When I started the session, I was prepared for a lot of interaction. But that’s when the comfortable manner with each other just took over. They didn’t need to be prepped or directed. The looks, the nuzzles, all the sweet moments took over. Watching them, you feel a sense of calm; a feeling you get to know when you see love. I saw two people at home in each other’s arms.

People on the beach stopped and stared. At one point we had to wait a minute for the wind to shift slightly and the sun broke through, and this beautiful sky broke through, and a couple behind me said: “Wow they are as stunning, they look so in love, almost peaceful, don’t they?” I couldn’t have worded it better.

This is Andre and Esther

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